Aims & Functions


The object of the Trinidad & Tobago Organisation of Medical Physicists (henceforward referred to as the TTOMP) is to advance Medical Physics in all its aspects and to promote communication between medical physicists and workers in allied subjects

The TTOMP may organise conferences, disseminate the results of any research, set up sub-committees or working parties to study particular aspects of Medical Physics, or carry out any other activities promoting these objectives. It may collaborate with other scientific organisations in Trinidad or in other countries.

Delegates from the TTOMP will represent its members at Council meetings of the I.O.M.P according to the statutes of that body. All members of the TTOMP may attend general and scientific meetings of the I.O.M.P.

Note: A non-member of the TTOMP. could also attend scientific meetings but not the general meetings. 

Should there be more than one medical physics organisation in a country wishing to adhere to the I.O.M.P., then it will be necessary according to I.O.M.P. statutes to form a National Committee of these organisations, which will itself belong to I.O.M.P.